PROJECT EGG by Michiel van der Kley during Salone de Mobile, Milano 2015

Dear printers, adopters, friends and each and everyone I met on my journey with project EGG,


Project EGG will be exhibited during Salone del Mobile 2015.

I’m pleased to inform you about this new presentation after the premiere at Dutch Design

Week last year. Although I can’t expect everyone to get in the car and move to Milano,

I want you all to know that we’re there. I want you to know that EGG and its concept about

the community is to be seen in another part of the world.

We’ll meet you on the project EGG site, on facebook, maybe another occasion in the near future.


April 14-19, 2015 in Ventura 15,

Via Privata Giovanni Ventura 15, Milano 20134, Italy