project EGG

Project EGG is about 3D printing, the power of Sharing and Co Creating, about new ways to create and collaborate.

Project EGG is a spacious building, consisting of 4760 stones. All stones are unique. They have to be 3D-printed one by one.
Once collected, all of these stones, placed in the exact order, give birth to this building.

The outcome of project EGG, one of the first 3D printed buildings, will hopefully travel around the world by the end of 2014.

Everyone with a desktop 3D is invited to print one stone. This way, the printing community can be seen as a kind of a new and widely spread factory.

All people that sympathize with the project can be of importance too.
You can adopt a stone. When you adopt a stone, it is your stone but you will lend us the stone in order to establish project Egg.

We are looking for new horizons.
We want to connect the whole of the 3D print community.
We want to change the way we produce.
We shift boundaries.


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